Frequently Asked Questions

What is verifiable?
What is verifiable and how does it function as part of the Dock Network?Verifiable is a customer and user-facing platform, which provides end-to-end solutions for organizations to issue digital credentials and a digital wallet for individuals to securely store and share digital credentials. Verifiable also offers data control apps -- Identity Scanner and Data Breach Finder to help keep users in control of their data.

Verifiable is an independent company and will be one of many participants in the Dock Network contributing to governance and credential production. Any credentials ordered through Verifiable will be fulfilled and produced by the Dock Network’s autonomous issuing engine.

Dock is an autonomous network making it simple for organizations to issue blockchain-anchored records and take advantage of the transformative power. The Dock network unlocks universally verifiable data, standards compliance for interoperability and empowers individuals with ownership and control of important personal data.
How does Verifiable work?
How do I issue credentials?
How does blockchain anchoring work?
Badges vs certificates, what is the difference?
How can I access my credential?
I received a credential, now what?
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