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Students make significant investments in their education with Universities. After hard work and debt accrual, students do not have readily available access to transcripts.

Accessing transcripts can take days or weeks and is accompanied by a fee charged by the University or National Student Clearinghouse. Students are hindered by inefficient processes and miss opportunities due to legacy processes.


Digital Transcripts, enabling students to own a copy on their mobile device. Secured by blockchain making data tamper-proof and enabling universal verification independent of any organization.



  • Decreased administrative hours and costs by automating processes
  • Increased student efficiency, success and outcomes
  • Powerful branding and recruiting tool to acquire new students


  • Empowered with on-demand access to critical records
  • Access more opportunities
  • Increased efficiency

Additional use cases


Provide students a secure mobile identity which can be used for access or to collect credentials.

Micro-credentials & digital badges

Incentivize students for increased engagement and provide machine-readable skills to prepare for workforce opportunities.


Tamper-proof reports or examination results which can be securely stored on mobile phones and shared.

Transform your university
Empower and motivate students
Create secure environments
Enable optimal data and resource sharing.

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