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Enterprise companies invest heavily to develop employees and continually improve skills, abilities and output.

Training and skill development occurs but there's lost opportunity for employers and employees by not optimally documenting skill development in a shareable and verifiable format.


Issue digital credentials as skills are developed and learned, documenting with permanent, portable, verifiable proof.



  • Improved resource planning, engaged and motivated workforce
  • Increased learning and development
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Improved employee retention
  • Attracts new candidates to work for the company as credentials are shared across the web by employees


Owns permanent, portable, verifiable records of skills and abilities to progress career and open future opportunities.


Optimized HR systems, resource planning, and recruiting processes as machine readable records populate these systems introducing automation and transformational efficiencies.

Additional use cases


Issue secure and trusted licenses which employees can store on their phones and easily access and use.


Issue secure ID’s to employees for building access and other uses.


Issue the most secure form of a certificate for job function needs.

Transform your workforce
Empower and motivate employees
Create secure environments
Enable optimal data and resource sharing.

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